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About Us

"Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication."

- Leonardo da Vinci

Established in 2022, Pascal Sauvage is the world’s first exclusive, most trusted, and invite-only marketplace for ‘one-of-a-kind’ assets. We empower our limited global community of collectors and intellectuals to discover, acquire, preserve, finance, and consign one-of-a-kind digital and physical assets.

Our reputation for trust and exclusivity is backed by our unparalleled global network of specialists spanning 30 countries and 10 units, which include digital assets, art, jewelry, watches, and interiors, among many others.

Guided by our forward-thinking spirit of innovation and exclusivity, we present only 500 items annually and offer a cross-category selection of digital and physical items available for immediate purchase or preservation via both digital shopping experience as well as private sales.

Our Trusted Partners

Pascal Sauvage Partners

The True Sign of Intelligence is not Knowledge, but Imagination.

Albert Einstein.

PSVault™ & Profit-Sharing

PSVault™ is our integrated global network of secure online/offline platforms – digital, art galleries, affiliate networks, and publishing platforms – where we maintain digital and physical assets on our clients’ behalf.

This unique approach allows us to generate a steady stream of income which we directly share with the asset owner (client).

For more information, contact us.

Direct Purchase & Sale

At Pascal Sauvage, our number one priority is the confidentiality of our clients, artists, and all parties involved. Therefore, we prefer invite-only direct purchase and sale method of digital and physical assets globally.

Clients Before Anything

Our family of limited clients include EHNW Collectors, SMEs, LCEs, Government agencies, and more. As explained, privacy of our clients is our number one priority!

The team at Pascal Sauvage has revolutionized the concept of digital assets management. Our organization has acquired a significant portfolio of assets, which are managed by the Pascal Sauvage team, with proceeds being directly transferred to us.
Sebastián - Confidential
Founder | Los Angeles US
As an investor and partner, I'm impressed by the thoroughness and professionalism exhibited by all of PS's principals. In particular, John's focus, integrity, attention to detail, and depth of knowledge in diverse disciplines as shared NFTs and digital asset management is highly advantageous and allows him to oversee all aspects of our investments for maximum profitability.
Julia - Confidential
C.E.O. | Glasgow UK
I strongly recommend the all-round professionalism and thorough digital art knowledge demonstrated by Claudia at Pascal Sauvage. This company is at the forefront of digital assets-based investment strategies that have already benefited me, and my family.
Houda - Confidential
Private Collector | Dubai UAE
Our company has a diverse portfolio of over two dozen investments globally, and Pascal Sauvage stands out as one of the top performers. Led by John, the team demonstrates exceptional expertise, professionalism, and a keen eye for high-yield assets. We have multiple investments with Pascal Sauvage and are thoroughly impressed with their exceptional results and dedication to delivering outstanding returns.
Fayette - Confidential
News Agency | Brussels Belgium
We are extremely satisfied with our collaboration with Pascal Yorkshire and their skilled team, which smoothly fit into our investment objectives. In case of further business development objectives, we’ll continue our collaboration and won’t hesitate to recommend Pascal Sauvage as a reliable business partner.
Edward - Confidential
HNW Collector | Atlanta US

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order?

When you find the asset you like, you can order directly via e-mail jelf@pascalsauvage.com. Your personal account manager will handle all the questions you may have. Once the order is placed, your account summary will be sent to your e-mail and physical address(optional). We ship worldwide.

Difference between P.S. 'Direct Private Sale' & conventional 'Auction House' approach

Different from auction platforms, where items are bid on and sold to the highest bidder in a public sale, a ‘direct private sale’ offers discreet brokerage of a high-value transaction between Pascal Sauvage and the buyer.

What payment methods can I use?

We accept all major credit cards, direct bank transfers, and C.O.D.

Can I track my order?

For all physical assets, we send the tracking code of the shipment as soon as the parcel has been sent. Shipping time will be confirmed on the order confirmation document. Shipping costs are dependent on your location and the number of physical assets in your order.

What is a typical profit-sharing percentage?

Depending on asset type, market fluctuations, duration, and inflation, our typical PSVault™ profit-sharing percentage stays between 8% and 14% of the total asset purchase price.

 For more information regarding PSVault™ profit-sharing program, call us directly or contact John – JElf@PascalSauvage.com.

Order Intake Information

  • E-mail: jelf@pascalsauvage.com
9am - 6pm
12pm - 8pm

Direct sale

info@pascalsauvage.com PascalSauvageAssets@gmail.com